Williams has a vibrant and exciting program in comparative literature, characterized by a range of course offerings and by an energetic and collegial group of faculty who cooperate across departments to support the program.

Comp Lit at Williams involves the study of literature from multiple cultural traditions in order to appreciate the variety, the complexity, and the breadth of what literature can be and do. Our courses are geared to students who are interested in literature and culture and who want exposure to a range of texts and cultures from both inside and outside the English-speaking world: from Imperial Russia to contemporary Latin America, from Victorian London to postmodern Tokyo. The critical approaches we use link us with a wide range of other disciplines, including art, anthropology, history, and psychology, to name a few. And the program emphasizes critical thinking and writing skills that serve students across departments and divisions.

*Comp lit will hold an info session on the major on Wednesday April 24, 2024 from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM in Schapiro Hall 141. Junior majors and sophomores declaring a Comp lit major should attend! More information on major declaration and advising is on the Major Page of this site.*