Comp lit advising Spring 2021

Current and prospective Comp lit majors should meet with a Comp lit faculty member to discuss their course selection and plan for the major. Major requirements can be found here.

For new majors, please fill out the program’s Major Advising Form to the best of your knowledge at this point and email it to the faculty member you meet with. For courses not yet taken, you can leave the “semester taken” box blank. The form can be updated at any point if your plans for completing the major change. You’ll also need to submit the registrar’s major declaration form directly to the registrar’s office.

For rising seniors, take this opportunity to update the major advising forms that you filed with the department earlier.

To set up an advising appointment for Spring 2021, email any of the following faculty members (this list will be updated as information changes):

Sarah Allen: Zoom drop-in hours Tuesday May 11, 4:30-5:00 and Thursday May 13, 2:30-3 (Zoom link; problems?–email Prof. Allen); email for individual appointments.
Christopher Bolton: Available Monday morning and Thursday afternoon. Contact Prof. Bolton to set up a time.
Amal Eqeiq: Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4, and by appointment; contact Professor Eqeiq for Zoom info.
Amy Holzapfel: contact Professor Holzapfel to set up a time to meet.
Gail Newman: contact Professor Newman to set up a time to meet.
Leyla Rouhi: contact Professor Rouhi to set up a time to meet.